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Cash Sinatra A Winner (Produced by VTWO)


Cash Sinatra

Sinatra.. or Raheem rather, has 5 singles that the people need to hear. Post "Raheem", Cash's latest work, Sinatra brings you some fun filled vibes that take you on a trip with a listen. Sinatra gets the production for this one from Queens' own VTWO, Mel Muzik from Brooklyn & ADREAL who too is from Brooklyn, NY. Sinatra also goes with an all Brooklyn lineup with his features as well, which include Kevin AntoniYo, Tae Sav & Tommy Flee. Whether it be the island vibes flowing throughout "Yoga", the intoxicating hook & tone in "A Winner" or the hard-hitting "No Talkin" anthem, "Radio Raheem" is bound to be circulating through your heads within listens. ENJOY !

  • Producer: VTWO
  • Album: Radio Raheem
  • Release Date: