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calluswhenyoufree Cultivation (with Marcus C.)


Session 74: Cultivation (with Marcus C.) Quinzel and Eric chat with Marcus C. about building productive habits, finding unconventional paths to success, and transitioning into adulthood during the pandemic. The three friends also reflect on their common educational experiences and the advice they would share with their younger selves. TL;DL: New Priorities → Hello, Marcus x Welcome Back, Qunizel → Full Body Adult → Atomic Habits → Question, Hypothesis, Test → Find Your Own Path → Internet Education → How We Define Success → Evaluation vs. Validation → Patience ?! > Jump by Chris P. (@comediancp) >> "If I'm not making mistakes, I'm probably not going at life hard enough." - Marcus C. (@stmarx) >> "Learning is not linear." - Quinzel P. (@socialqs) >> "A lot of it, at least for me, was just realizing that no one is here to save me." - Eric W. (@ericcwilson) > Smo

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