Calig Kontra Simian Automatic

New Orleans rapper Calig Kontra (f/k/a Caligula) steps out with a statement-making new album, ‘Simian Automatic,’ that serves as his proper debut under his new moniker. And to say that he lived up to his own expectations—that is, to make a cult film in audio format—would be a massive understatement. This is underground hip-hop at its most organic; a grit-covered example of what the subgenre truly stands for, and what can be achieved when the artform is pushed to its limits. The 16 track LP is available now on CD and through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms through producer Black Panther’s label, Manekinekopro. The album—whose album artwork is designed by Lia Kantrowitz (Vice, Sunday School)—will also be available on vinyl and cassette in Spring 2020.

  • Producer: Prospek, Kid Infamous, Vherbal, Conflikt, Black Panther & Vic Grim
  • Runtime: 42 minutes, 16 songs
  • Release Date: October 9, 2019