BV Mobile Apps Podcast w/ Sean Garvey The Importance Of Having A Christian Radio Station In The Community


Sean Garvey sits down with DJ Converzion to discuss the importance of having a Christian radio station in the community. DJ Converzion is the owner and founder of Transformation Radio 12:2 and an active member of the Fleet DJs. The conversation between Garvey and DJ Converzion centered around the foundation of how Converzion started his radio station through his religious beliefs. He also touches on the business and talent aspect of running his platform and the types of messages his station wants to convey to his followers. For more information about DJ Converzion Follow Sean Garvey on IG: To create your own app: 🎧 Music by: J. Keys (Anonymous Records) - @jkeysmusic

  • Producer: Sean Garvey
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