BV Mobile Apps Podcast w/ Sean Garvey How To Be A Successful Radio Host


Radio host and radio network owner Kysii Ingram offers advice on how to reach and maintain a level of success as a radio host. Ingram breaks down the difference between a radio host and a radio personality. During the show, Garvey and Ingram discuss the fundamentals of using radio etiquette as a host, the ability to use podcasts as an alternative from terrestrial radio, and how radio hosts can monetize their brand. Ingram also shares his incredible working relationship with his mentor radio veteran, Doug Stewart. For more information about Kysii Ingram: Follow Sean Garvey on IG: To create your own app: 🎧 Music by: J. Keys (Anonymous Records) - @jkeysmusic

  • Producer: Sean Garvey
  • Release Date: June 15, 2020