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Breaking Atoms Episode 5: Brooklyn's Finest | Brooklyn's Finest: The Making of Reasonable


In our fifth and final episode, we examine the legacy of Reasonable Doubt 25 years on and why so many people consider it to be one of the most seminal albums in Hip Hop history. Featuring in order of appearance: Pain In Da Ass, Dart Adams, DJ Snips, Jaz-O, Ski Beatz, Rob Markman, Chezik Tsunoda, Sean Kantrowitz, Yoh Phillips, Robyn Mowatt, SK Vibemaker, Maria Davis, Nick Raphael, Christian Tattersfield, Abdul Malik Abbott, Kathy Iandoli, David Lotwin, Ryan Proctor, DJ Shortee Blitz and DJ Clark Kent. Pain In Da Ass on original plans for Reasonable Doubt to be Jay-Zs first and only solo album (2:17) Dart Adams on where Reasonable Doubt sits in the continuum of classic Rap albums from the mid-90s (3:31) DJ Snips on Reasonable Doubt's influence being heard in many of today's Hip Hop albums (4:45) Jaz-O on why he considers Reasonable Doubt to be a classic body of work in music in general (5:

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