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Breaking Atoms Episode 4: Can't Knock The Hustle | Brooklyn's Finest: The Making of Reason


In our fourth episode, we’ll be examining the initial and retrospective response to Reasonable Doubt, shining a light on the tight-knit vibes of the Roc-A-Fella Records staff and connecting with original members of the US street team. Featuring in order of appearance: Ryan Proctor, DJ Snips, Dart Adams, Charlie Braxton, Nick Raphael, Christian Tattersfield, DJ Shortee Blitz, Pain In Da Ass, Maria Davis, DJ Clark Kent, Robyn Mowatt, David Lotwin, Kathy Iandoli and Ski Beatz. Sumit on some key 1996 Hip Hop albums (1:40) Ryan Proctor underground and mainstream Hip Hop divide (2:05) DJ Snips on the cohesion in Reasonable Doubt's production and Jay-Z's mentors (3:20) Dart Adams on Reasonable Doubt being on the level of fine literature (4:17) Ryan Proctor on Reasonable Doubt not being regarded as an instant classic (4:34) Charlie Braxton on revising Reasonable Doubt for The Source magazine (

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