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Breaking Atoms Ep. 3: Never Change | The Ruler's Back: The Making of The Blueprint


In this third episode, we’ll break down the second half of The Blueprint album, dive even deeper into the creative process and explore the relationships among some of the album’s key contributors. Guest appearances by Carl Lamarre, Jesse Bernard, Young Guru, Pain In Da Ass, Miki Hellerbach, Jayson Buford, Nuface, Shawn Setaro, Big Hass, Akaash Sharma, Just Blaze, Bink, Yemi Abiade, Nicolas Tyrell-Scott, Andrew Barber and Tony Dawsey   1:30 - Carl Lamarre on Kanye West making the beat for Heart of the City with DMX in mind 2:11 - Jesse Bernard on why Heart of the City is a crucial song for Jay-Z 3:08 - Young Guru on Jay-Z recording Heart of the City in one take 4:16 - Pain In Da Ass on Heart of the City being a sequel of sorts to Can’t Knock The Hustle 4:54 - Miki Hellerbach on his favourite punchline from Heart of the City 5:58 - Jayson Buford on why Never Change is one of Jay-Z

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