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The Pretorian native producer, rapper and songwriter "Brandan" returns with his first official project the "Brandinho" Ep which was compiled over a 3 year period. The "inho" is an allusion to a suffix that is usually given extremely skilled, tactical and versatile Brazilian soccer players (notably in recent history Ronaldinho) which the artist embodies in the offering with his music ranging from a cloudy, psychedelic, progressive silhouette "Wanna, Soso & Recipe" then moving across the spectrum with lounge, dance and borderline house inspired ballads " Closer & Oh My" all the noticeable characteristics comparisons can be identified as you progress throughout the Ep. It's a journey of lust, pain, bravado, loneliness and growth in the life of a 20 something artist in search for fortune.

  • Runtime: 23 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date:


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