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Oribu Tempest



About the track: The track was born during the first Italian lockdown, it contains many of the feelings due to the situation. Despite the impossibility to work in the same place, we managed, online, between alternative versions, revisions, etc, to finish the track and send it to the singer Rocco Zilli, current singer of the Italian band Mòn. He wrote and recorded the vocals, managing to capture the vaguely dark and dreamy communicative atmosphere of the track. The lyrics tell an unclear, vague, implicit story, as to evoke in the listener an exclusive, subjective connection, related to experiences and thoughts that share the same atmosphere. Tempest is the only single leading up to the duo's new EP which is revolutionary in terms of their approach to sound and emotional depth. A crowdfund

  • Producer: Edoardo Staffa & Paolo Donato
  • Album: Get By
  • Release Date: