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BenOaks V1TAL 'Kick in the Breaks'


listen to V1TAL 'Kick in the Breaks' with instrumentals by BenOaks from his debut, grimey 'Bass is Our Weapon' (volume 2). Featuring amazing microphone skills from 66notes, James Brown the 3rd, Devy Dev Dev, LDK, Gentle Jones & JC Cordaro. (0:11) "A Thug" feat. 66notes (0:46) "Plagued Mind" feat. JBiii (1:10) "S.O.S." feat. Devy Dev Dev & LDK (1:50) "So High..." feat. Gentle Jones (2:30) "Grude Match" feat. JC Cordaro (3:00) "Mutual Feelings" feat. 66notes for more info, links to the artists & full songs & video:

  • Producer: SweetBeats & The Numinous
  • Album:
  • Release Date: