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Meaku Call Me

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“Call Me” Produced by Fliptyce, written, recorded, and mixed by Meaku. Mastered by Lovy Logomba. Mid-Tempo Hybrid Vibe love song. Hybrid Vibes is a musical genre created by Meaku which combs styles of Western style R&B, Pop, Afro, EDM. Chibuike Franklyn Omeaku, known as Meaku, is a Grammy nominated Nigerian-American singer, producer, born and raised in Inglewood, California; has been consistently acquiring global aficionadas with his blended style of traditional and contemporary R&B fused with Afrobeat and Pop coining his unique “Hybrid Vibes” musical genre. A sought out vocalist and producer with hits such as “All I See Is You” (2016) that garnered over 4.2 million streams on Spotify with video placements on BET Jams, VH1 Soul, and MTV U.

  • Producer: Meaku
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