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Bizzy Crook Come Again


Bizzy Crook

(Intro) Yeah, Good Luck Forever You know this the type of shit niggas on now (Good Luck Bizzy!) (Chorus) Come again, come again, come again , come again Young rich nigga in a Cullinan I don’t need love I need 100 Ms Come again, come again, come again , come again I know she jus wants to be in love again Looking for somebody but I wasn’t him Aye Fuck bitches get money that’s jus how I feel Hit me when u drunk but please don’t call me in your feels I’m in love, wit getting money Tryna touch a milll Can’t ease up I got the gang depending on me Still (Verse 1) First time I flew her to the city , I had shit going on Couldn’t really make no time for her Still made the driver wait around for her, Hundreds, in the envelope brown for her, She could never say I wasn’t down her All her

  • Producer: Vizn
  • Release Date: