Bizzonthetrack BIZZNESS

Bliss Bizz as I love to call him is here with BIZZNESS EP, an EP that gives an insight into Bizzonthetrack’s musical prowess and the hard work exuded to churn out wonderful songs every time. The EP features songs like 2:30, burn up, ohema, Amen to mention a few. These titles will make one wonder the lyrics, creativity and thoughts put together to create such an EP. You have heard songs but these songs are so different from what you have heard before from Bizz or any of your favorites. You want something soothing and at the same time edgy? This is it, fun Fact: This project was created in 48 hours.

  • Producer: Malik Bawa & Trill XOE
  • Runtime: 23 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date: December 5, 2019