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BINX Call Me On The Phone In The Other Room

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CALL ME ON THE PHONE IN THE OTHER ROOM — Is Out Now!📞 I wrote this song in quarantine in 2020. Mental health was a big part of the pandemic. I found myself calling my loved ones more often and reconnected with old friends and family. I hope this song will serve as a reminder for us all to continue to keep in touch and check in with people more often, even if it is from the other room. Relationships and human connection are the most important part of being on Earth. PS. I wrote this song after @madaatoms actually called me from the other room. 😂 Now go stream the song 😁 and go call / text some people and tell them you are thinking of them and that they are so loved!

  • Producer: BINX & Mada Atoms
  • Release Date: