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Billy Hunned Freestyle Friday's #6 - Hallelu Remix


Billy Hunned

Moti Goke moni Kilo feshele they don see how we done romping on the skies Tori mo binu ninu wo duro lo na won pariwo kpe kan wa kpa na O buga mi ti impossicant you can't understand what my mind read the niggas been trying to run my race I told em i got a lifetime mileage enjoy my race come run my race I know wetyn sup I know why manager say Billy jump Pon dis I said I'll do something so nice the melodies tight and I know you'll vibe Writing my name I'm inscribing hieroglyphs for some thousands the world gon love my vibe It's musicstein need to stand Billy gon blow your mind Dem gimme the kokoro Boy bella Done did justice zanku you bodied on gee master master Hallelu Hallelujah ati awe fun ojo meje ma gawu leyin adura If there's anything they want I know

  • Album: Freestyle Friday Series
  • Release Date: