Grand Surgeon, Wooden Souljah & Bucka Fire & Water

  • Album: Single


Invoking nature’s elements, the new track from the ESI studio FIRE & WATER, awakens within us the creative and destructive characteristics of mankind. The looming intro materializes to reveal an eerily, dark yet glowing construction from visionary producer BigBob. NY rapper Grand Surgeon throws down technically wrought verses chronicling fire’s beneficial aspects. Wooden Souljah of Pottersfield conjures up crisp narratives, folding and flowing lyricism corresponds and positioning like water. Pottersfield rapper, Bucka executes lyrical articulation and tone to convert the ambitious energy of the track. BigBob manages expectation with his chilling and chaotic sound, committing to represent many facets of hip hop expression. Twitter @BigBobPattison @grand_surgeon @WOoDeNSoULjaH @TheBoyBucka

  • Producer: BigBob
  • Album: Single
  • Release Date: June 11, 2018