Lee Ricks Deep Thoughts



DEEP THOUGHTS is the latest track off the newly released BEATS FOR BREAKFAST EP, a collaborative effort from visionary producer BigBob and brilliant emcee Lee Ricks.   Deep Thoughts is a lyrical exploration and reflection of our shadow self.  Lee Ricks contends with the intense and vivid imagery of his inner thoughts focusing on strong word play and semantics balanced with an imaginative flow and aptitude. True North Legacy rhyme partner, D.O.V’s portrayal of ephemerality examines our self-awareness with a distinct word play unique to his life experiences.  Former Platinum Def Jam reggae/rap artist Kali Ranks crafts a soulful and catchy hook, simple and easily memorable.  Kali Ranks’ Afimi Music Label mate, Stephanie Adler softens the hook with her smooth and sultry vocal ads.  BigBob’s creativity flies high with positively charged melodies creating a deeper connection between listener and artists with a strong hold, carefully crafted for a sonic experience.  Available at https://www.elitesoundinternational.com/shop   https://beatsforbreakfast.bandcamp.com/album/deep-thoughts-feat-kali-ranks-stephanie-adler-x-d-o-v

  • Producer: BigBob
  • Album: Beats For Breakfast EP
  • Release Date: September 11, 2019

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