Psycho Les (Beatnuts) & Sadat X (Brand Nubian) Two Strains

  • Feat. LDontheCut
  • Album: Single


Cannabis culture connects iconic hip hop legends, Psycho Les (of The Beatnuts) and Sadat X (of Brand Nubian) on the latest track TWO STRAINS. This powerful collaboration orchestrated by avant garde producer BigBob, combines Psycho Les’s sumptuous story telling with Sadat X’s potent and precise lyricism. BigBob’s production gives us nostalgia from the golden age of hip hop with a funky upbeat vibe with cuts & scratches arranged by talented LDontheCut. ***STREAM/PURCHASE AT WWW.ELITESOUNDINTERNATIONAL.COM Twitter @BigBobPattison @psycho_les @SadatX @LDontheCut Instagram @bigbobpattison @psycho_les @sadatx @ldonthecut @elitesoundinternational

  • Producer: BigBob
  • Album: Single
  • Release Date: