Ruste Juxx & Grand Surgeon Hard Luck



Swaying violin melodies leads us into some vintage mobster movie vibes with the latest track HARD LUCK. Studious NY rapper Ruste Juxx’s steady and vigorous lyricism commands respect with a tenacious stance. Seasoned NY emcee, Grand Surgeon mobilizes a lyrical cadence inspired by the haunting melody, painting a poignant mood, arranged by visionary producer BigBob. JS-1 of the legendary Rock Steady Crew, lends his talents with precise cuts and scratches on the track. Released March 5, 2019 An Independent Release by Elite Sound International Twitter @BigBobPattison @Grand7Surgeon @rustejuxx357 DJJS1 Instagram @bigbobpattison @grand_surgeon @ruste_muthafuckin_juxx @djjs1

  • Producer: BigBob
  • Album: Single
  • Release Date: March 6, 2019

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