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Big Twins & DirtyDiggs Queensbridge

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Big Twins

The New York-meets-Los Angeles team of rapper Big Twins and production duo DirtyDiggs pack more into their Queensbridge EP than most acts could hope to do on a full-length effort. Twins puts on for his stomping grounds and for hip-hop in general. There’s a lot of love for the culture in his raps, especially in the way he continues to hustle and work at his craft. In addition to this EP, Twins has a stocked pipeline of releases set for the remainder of the year with the likes of DJ Woool, Twiz The Beat Pro, Alechimst and Havoc, as well as his IM3 family, to name a few. The ‘Queensbridge’ EP is availalbe now through all digtiral retailers and streaming platforms via Grimey Records.

  • Runtime: 20 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: