Benjamin Will Interruptive Lingo

Interruptive Lingo is my latest release dealing with these thoughts of what could be, what is, and what was, and how i focus more on how to grow past things that discouraged me or wasted my time rather than actually doing it. From 2014 to now i felt like i was in a constant state of not getting anything done. i wasn’t even sure if i was doing what i really wanted at that time. i found myself going through the motions hoping that i would gain fulfillment out of something. anything. sad to say it never came. the album art shows the wolf (a symbol of guidance through life also a favorite animal) showing frustration at my indecision and dwelling of the past knowing that being enveloped in pessimism will only delay me from any true calling.
  • Runtime: 33 minutes, 10 songs
  • Release Date: February 15, 2017