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Beejayrymes Yahweh



Eccentric Music Minister is out with a new after the release of his last single "SEE THE SUN" and these are his thoughts... We enjoyed so much mercies last year, God's hand was evident in every area of our lives. Now this year already has begun on a beautiful note, once again I can see God everywhere and I am rest assured that with Him everything is working for me. Yahweh is my thanksgiving sound for this year, for God constantly showing up for me. I pray this sound blesses you as it is blessing me, for as long as I am concerned; YAWEH is bigger than all the super heroes combined together.... "Na Him be THE GOD"" and "Na Him be THE MAN.

  • Producer: Prod. by E-Daniels & M&M 3shells
  • Album: Unknown Album
  • Release Date: