Ricky Bella

  • Album: Because I'm Ricky


"Bella" is literally about the character from Twilight, Bella Marie Swan. I was thinking of her at 3 am in the morning and how she is the most underlooked character ever. I love her! I have never been a singer before, neither am I known for being a musician. So, in hopes that she would hear this, Kristen Stewart that is, and many others who are still fans of her craft, this is for you guys. The song is composed of samples from various genres of various apps I used. It has a patient, quiet melody accompanied by soothing chiming bells, hollow drum percussions and a deep dropping base with a mellow piano. iT'S NOT AS EASY AS I MAKE IT SOUND! I have an entire EP coming soon titled "Because I'm Ricky" if this goes well. This is ONLY an instrumental, which one day, I hope to collaborate. Enjoy.

  • Producer: Self - Produced
  • Album: Because I'm Ricky
  • Release Date: May 30, 2020