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bbno$ too easy



[TOO EASY BARS] All this shit too easy dawg [Hook] Money be Apple bee Fuh da bih Quick to be grabbing my money nerf on my waist im not really about all of these enemies Just did a show and i shut it all down while im pouring on gravy on asses that are round Yeah - its too easy, its too easy Cash a couple top tokens, your lady friend too easy Turned a festi up n shit, performance wayy too easy wayy too easy wayy too easy wayy too easy, way too easy Way too easy, why your girly tryna tease me, huh yea baby [Verse 1] Its like Wayy too Easy Huh Flexing on sweet tooths Love to go paidui See you in chengdu, baby! Blew in china, eating chowmein off some china, come thru looking little finer, goyard bag i got designer, gravy piped her WHAT! Baby just tryna go nut There are plenty of thotties out there in the world who are dying to show me their butt Yeuh Bon de appetite Money be 3D Yeh Its t

  • Producer: downtime
  • Album: bb steps
  • Release Date:

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