bbno$ doubles

  • Feat. swerzie
  • Album: recess


Pre chorus nonsense: I got my numbers up, I might just run it up I got my numbers up, I might just run it up Hook x2 My hoes they come in doubles They know ima pop like bubble Finna hit em all bass no trebblee I drive it too fast I might get in trouble Bbno$ verse: Right now, why she wanna pipe down? Used to be nothing but a hypeman, but now I got some hype man, cash a couple big bands, neck so wet, hmmm let me hit the rain dance CPR she wanna go the distance, you see my car? Baby doing business LFR you wipe on trash, let me splash on her ass, yeah did it for the cash I see that bag SO THE BABY GOTTA GRAB THAT SHIT I WONT POP TAGS – NO MONEY ALWAYS SAVE THAT SHIT I GOT BIG DRIP, HELLA AVERAGE WITH A BIG DICK, RICH SHIT, FAKE TITS ARE SOME WHACK SHIT THOT LIPS, WHY YOUR THOTTIE HELLA BABY MAKE THE MOVES YEAH BABY BE INVASIVE! BITCH lol Swerzie verse: My phone ringing a rackades Yeah they hatin but the money is stacking I want beef i ain’t wantin a salad Bape on me wit the fubu look like I know magic Talk shit get hit aint hard to learn it Uzi rotten I know you heard it If You see me stunt know that I earned it If it’s a downtime beat know I’m finna work it Woah woah woah

  • Producer: downtime
  • Album: recess
  • Release Date: