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Barry Jhay O Ga Ra

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Barry Jhay

The Rookie of the Year award winner at the last Headies, Barry Jhay is steadily on the rise to become one of the unique talents that the Nigerian music industry has seen in recent times. As is typical of Barry Jhay’s music, O Ga Ra is a superb Afropop tune that is certain to set dance floors on fire. Barry Jhay has successfully built for himself an unsullied reputation as a Nigerian act who is only capable of churning out good music. This is evident in his previously released songs including Aiye, Don Pablo, Olodo, and many more. His music strongly appeals to all societal class as it is highly relatable. O Ga Ra was produced by Tuzi and was mixed and mastered by legendary sound engineer, TY Mix.

  • Producer: Tuzi
  • Album: O Ga Ra
  • Release Date:


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