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Baddnews Good Vibes



Facing adversity is nothing new to Syracuse, NY artist Baddnews. Beating the odds and making his triumphant return to music after facing a barrage of drug trafficking charges, Baddnews is slated to drop the biggest song of his burgeoning career with “Good Vibes,” a collaboration with Griselda’s Benny The Butcher. While Baddnews has already made waves by releasing consecutive viral freestyles, which garnered a substantial and diehard fanbase and earned him a slot on the hit Netflix series Rhythm + Flow; where he delivered a show-stopping performance for T.I., Quavo and Big Boi. Baddnews new single, “Good Vibes,” is a testament to his ability to craft melodic songs and heartfelt lyrics.

  • Producer: Noc
  • Release Date: