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(chorus) Right now you're all alone And you acting cold just cuz I'm never home I thought I told you that I'm the road yeah So why you acting cold? These the streets this not your home and now we're losing focus, where we going? (verse) And I'd love you till forever but nothing good lasts forever And I promised we'd be together when I finish all my music but you couldn't have patience I'm sorry I lost my love for you Pardon me not telling you Pardon me for potentially loving you unconditionally Think we losing the energy, even though were intimate Even though you were into me, even though you got into this Saying you wanna leave well then leave, ain't nobody stopping it Tryna kill my vibe Tryna gas me up I'm tryna check wassup, with you it's always a fuss There's always shit to discus

  • Producer: type beat
  • Release Date: