Crosby This Mess We're In...


Enjoy... Recording, Mixing, Mastering: Braxton Crosby Cover Photo: Jamal Royster Cover Art: WhateverFits Production: Crosby: Intro, Queen of Carolina 2|Aimee's Interlude, Traitors, Creek|Tokyo bsd.u: Tearkjerker Shit Fo Da OG's, SunTzu, 11PM, Outro Joseph the Stranger: 1215, What You Want Doujinshi: Impala Jonwayne: Trill Special Thanks: Aimee my empress, Amani, Travin, Kaylan, Nute, Lex, CJ, Tyree, Ryan, Tyreq, Mike, Bea, Wolfie, Yung Squires the Gawd, Rashaad, Sean, Bri, Vey, Jess, Jainny, Mitchell, WF, Pops, Mommy RIP Grandaddy

  • Producer: Crosby, bsd.u, Jonwayne, doujinshi & Joseph The Stranger
  • Runtime: 32 minutes, 11 songs
  • Release Date: April 25, 2015