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Oluwafeyisikemi Ayansike Adetula Come To Worship


Come to worship is a song I did not plan. After recording in the studio, I just decided to sing from my heart and the song came flowing, I got the chorus easily but the verses did not flow immediately. After about an hour, with the help of my mom and my producer @official_oluwatolamike we came up with the verses..... My soul magnifies the Lord, I will worship you always. Gangan: @ayansike Iya ilu: @ayansike Bata @ayansike Strings and production:@official_oluwatolamike Graphics:@fafioluodunayo Gele:@olagelebeauty Dress:@classic_home_of_fashion #oluwafeyisikemiadetula #ayansike #talkingdrum #cometoworship #giftedhands #talent #talented

  • Producer: T.Strings
  • Release Date:


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