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Apolo Imon Get Paid


Apolo Imon

My laser, is shooting straight i, can't wait for the deals and the paper its the weekend we working on the weekend don't pretend my gees we don't relent we need bread, o yes we need bread singing trying to make a million off talent catching vibes and tryna make a billion off talent uncharted, but its a rocky road so boy you better buckle up and girl you better back it up the popo wan fi lock us up* got a lot of real G's in my link up cause it's my link up, yes its my link up Man i stay hard like copper, yeah, burnin like a lantern the hustle stay the same like an anthem, lie an anthem singing from my heart that CHORUS I need to get paid *too cool ah too cool i no like am Its alright too hot ah too hot i no like am if i get my paper too low ah too low i no like am its okay too high ah too

  • Album: Road to Lavida
  • Release Date: