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AP Wond3r Sounds Of Ordered Nature (SOON) Collection One

AP Wond3r

Sounds Of Ordered Nature (SOON) is a collection of sounds that give the feeling of chilled mind, love, one with the universe and speaks with your soul. 1. Intro-Pluto - In the clouds feeling the vibrations of needing to love and understanding of self being as life raised us. 2. Moonlight Vib3s - A full moon connection between two energies burning fast from the highs and lows of the Mr/Miss Wrongs. 3. Mars - The Sense knowing that someone who feels all that you feel and understands your thoughts and connect to your spirit. 4. Venus (Unfinished Versio - The Love Found To Be cherished forever among the stars. Hope you enjoy the 4 track collection tape.

  • Runtime: 14 minutes, 4 songs
  • Release Date: