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Angel Sessions The L-o-v-e

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The L-o-v-e is a song about searching your heart and find out, Do you have the Love of Christ inside of you? We all need to love one another, but sometimes, we find it hard to do. With Christ and His love inside of His people, when He saves them, that love will show up in that person's life. As we live our lives, for those who are born again by Christ, you are a sample of Christ. The fruits of the spirit which of them is Love, show up in one's life, the love in their lives, there will be no question as in if they are saved because they will show that love and that love is the love of Christ. That is what The L-o-v-e song is about. If you have the love, show it.

  • Producer: Angel Sessions and Antonio Street
  • Album: The L-o-v-e
  • Release Date:

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