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Aaron McBride The Untold Millions

  • Album: The Untold Millions


"The Untold Millions" is a heart-cry for us to share the Gospel to the millions of people who have never heard. It was written in 2007 while I was serving on a missions internship in Newfoundland, Canada. As I spent 9 weeks in Newfoundland, I spent time going through many towns and coves seeing they had not one Gospel preaching church. There are great churches on the island, but there are 500,000+ people in Newfoundland and many of them have never heard the Gospel. My heart broke as I thought not only of those towns and coves, but the many places all around the world who have no Gospel witness. Out of that experience was born this song "The Untold Millions"

  • Producer: Bad Architect Records
  • Album: The Untold Millions
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