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The second compilation of songs I wish I wrote! I had lot of fun making this, got better at production and discovered more about my talents. I'm very grateful for the friends who criticized constructively and my friend SEV'N who helped with one of the tracks (I'm blessed to know you all and I love you ❤️) *Although the mix is very rusty 😹* We want to be clear; to avoid any legal trouble; All songs belong to their respective composers. We not intend to receive any royalties from them. Also! we had to change some of the original lyrics because I felt they should be more gentle and warmer❤️ We hope you enjoy listening to this (COVERS 3 whenever we can!) ALÉJANDRO💎& 2020WAVE🌊 ORIGINALLY BY ALPHA OJINI OXLADE

  • Producer: The Black Equinox & SEV'N
  • Album: COVERS 2: EP
  • Release Date: