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Adolestrings My Lover (Chant)



We have a Lover and He is the Holy Spirit, He has always been with us, we often time fail to see or acknowledge that He is there, and so we tend to welcome Him as though he is a visitor. So as long as we have the Holy Spirit in us, He is indwelling and is here to stay, our context of welcoming Him should not be of one inviting Him if He is not new to us, the only reason He leaves is when there is a contrary spirit most likely invited by the life of sin. Be rest assured that the Holy Spirit is always with us if we abide with and in Him, the best we can do is stir up the Presence from within us… Singer/Songwriter: Adolestrings Produced by: JadyKeys @atightstudios Violin: Darestrings Shot by: @JDPhotos Edited by Adole Designs Clothing: Barakiel Collections

  • Producer: Jadikeyz
  • Release Date: