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ZiggyDaBe$t ABX {Z,I VIBES}

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WELCOME TO {Z,I VIBES} This project is full of many different vibes , emotions and energy that have not yet been heard by ZiggyDaBe$t ABX. But This project was created to express every emotion that Ziggy experienced in the time of recording this project. Ziggy's versatility allowed for every song to be packed with different vibes , energy and emotions capture in the moment. Everything  is raw and organic so you feel the since of urgency on every song to make the intent more clear for listeners. This project is a total game changer for Ziggy's music career and for his potential fans but for the day one fans, listeners and supporters this is a big move and this project has been long awaited. There is many more versatile vibes , projects and albums on the way.

  • Runtime: 36 minutes, 11 songs
  • Release Date: