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Yung6ix Decisions



Lyrics X.O popping Pablo trapping Feel the cup and alI Fill the cup Never stopping keep it popping keep the glasses and We fill it up People talking Everybody talking cux they got Opinions yeah But the difference between you the rich and the poor is everybody’s Decisions x4 Verse 1 Bible and the Quran Everything na Religion Ehe waiting at the spot I hit her at the spot Everything na precison yeah She asking for the price You know I keep it true no lies That’s the religion I told her love ain’t got a price And loyalty comes with lies Girl you got to make a decision She say Decisions x4 Verse 2 Kisses on the forehead We living like Italians Long table few meals We eating like Italians No mannas we hit you moving like the marlians Dstv with the flow I’m so much more up with my channels Start from the streets now I’m