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Slimn Major SYNERGY (EP)

Slimn Major

This is a telling body of work as the name "Synergy" implies. On this body of work Nigerian Rapper "Slimn Major" has put together a series of emotions, feelings,, energies, melodies and rythms. Experimenting with different genres and fusing them into his own sound, making it a master peice! Different hues and vibrancy flows through each song from the opening song "Nobody" which talks about discretion on intimacy and admiration towards a woman, which is afro dancehall themed, To the second song which represents his native trap interest "Guap Up" which he talks about his chase on success and paying no mind to nay sayers and everyone who hates for little or no reasons. To the lead single of the project "All In" which basically speaks about reassurance to a partner, lover or a new found thing

  • Runtime: 30 minutes, 9 songs
  • Release Date: