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NDU WITH THE KEYZ praise god_3 (demo)


PG Holy Holy Holy 27 elders (there were 24, but these 3 holies came from me myself and i [my household] {temple} here to spread the story HTSTS like all the 11(didnt include judas, cause i wish not to follow that path, though i often do, so i could be that 12th sometimes, all the same...HTSTS) praise God when it hurts he gon lift you out the dirt no other God you could search chapters/earth Praise God in the church in the stanzas heaven i could reach i throw my hands up ... ZK international ... You know im stil tryna give them hope though ... Blessings from the king Blessings for the kid We just pray for kin we just pray within sometimes you dont see us when we talking and i want yall to know its safe, we'll still talk again... Till we see Him again... All my saints say AMEN! ...

  • Producer: zk & izk
  • Album: 2022
  • Release Date: