BlackZod Radio Rap's Kryptonite MME (Mild Mannered Emcee)


This album is the sequel to a recently released Radio Rap's Kryptonite which celebrated BlackZod's 30th year on the planet with 30 tracks going back to when he was first starting and including new music as well. This edition will lose the rawness my tracks back in the days did as well as the collaborations. This compilation is more concentrated on BlackZod's new style of art with barely any traces of vulgar language. The tracks are full of expanded vocabulary and are catchy with his capability to sing as well. If you like artists who can give you the depth of Kendrick Lamar and the versatility of Drake than this is the album you should listen to!!
  • Producer: Jay Hunta and Phenity
  • Runtime: 84 minutes, 22 songs
  • Release Date: April 19, 2015