Maximilian C. Forte Hitler, Hollywood, and Propaganda: Then and Now


Interview with Maximilian Forte by Chris Cook of Gorilla Radio, Program description: "Lies and propaganda abound. We live in a mediated world, where what we believe is based on a reality few of us actually know from experience. In the age of war and rumours of war, the emergence of "fake news" and now its technologically advanced progeny, "deep fake" audio and video transmissions, our understanding of the world we inhabit, and even the possibility we can understand, is challenged in ways the fathers of modern propaganda may not have been able to equal, but they certainly envisioned. Society is today in exactly the place the totalitarians of old wanted us; distrustful of media and unable to discern fact from fiction; in short, left without a clue as to what in the world we can believe".

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