Lewistron Old Antics

  • Feat. AJ


If the pre-single "Beautiful (Something New)" is an indication that Tronny is a prisoner of his mind then his close-knit album Old Antics seems to look like the comedic rapper is haunted by past and future expectations. with help from previous Jaden Smith collaborators, The Stuyvesants, Tronny reflects on past family outings and personal love ("Lewis Fam Cookout","You Mines") while tapping into cruel yet honest love songs ("Lupita Nyongo", "Til the World Ends"). Old Antics proves that Tron's hilarity is in all his seriousness no matter how rediculous it may sound. Take a ride through the mind of the one they call Tron...

  • Producer: LER Stevens & The Stuyvesants and Encore
  • Runtime: 18 minutes, 7 songs
  • Release Date: