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Kwasi x HFNR Soda



Newly signed to the rapid-growing community of hip-hop and R&B artists on the WVS label, Melbourne boys Kwasi & HFNR are transcending barriers with their signature thrash energy and expertly executed records. Following their debut single, Thrash Out (No Tradition), the duo are releasing their equally engaging and uptempo Soda - blended with Brazilian inspired beats and frenetic rhythm that keep you moving. “Soda is just a party jamma that we mixed up during some heavy drankin’. Something to bring them cheeky vibes and get the crowd moving. Hef [HFNR] just finished watching a documentary on Brazilian music, and got inspired by how unique the beats they were using were. After that, we just started messing around with the baile funk sounds and found mixing it with our thrash vibes gave it great energy.” - Kwasi Complementing each other on stage with their contrasting personalities

  • Producer: HFNR
  • Album: Soda
  • Release Date: