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Kwasi x HFNR Downtown



Melbourne rapper/producer duo Kwasi x HFNR are back with a brand new sound and single via WVS, with the smooth, moody new tune DOWNTOWN. Following their previous WVS releases ‘Thrash Out (No Tradition)’ and ‘Soda’, Kwasi x HFNR have hit us with a stunning, mysterious new vibe, channelling RnB and Afrobeat influences on the slick new single. "We were in The Cabin and HFNR threw on a rough beat, it gave me a late-night driving feel so I just got in and started freestyling some melodies,” said Kwasi on how the single came to life. “We tweaked the production up, got the lyrics down and put the final touches on it when we were over in LA.” DOWNTOWN is an infectious late-night jam that further positions Kwasi x HFNR as one of Melbourne's premier urban acts.

  • Producer: HFNR
  • Album: Downtown
  • Release Date: