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Brian Brown Journey

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Brian Brown

Brian Brown, Nashville’s self-proclaimed “Stoop Kid”, drops his debut album Journey today. What started as an idea for a day in the life slowly transformed into a project that reflected his life in the years following his first mixtape 7:22, which was released in 2014. “I’m a believer that if I haven’t been through anything, if I haven’t lived through anything, then what is there to talk about?” said Brian Brown. “Journey is all of the moments that I’ve been going through - the trials and tribulations, the hurt, loss, and heartache.” Brian’s southern drawl serenades a range of emotions over soulful melodies on each track. “Flava”, for example, is a true story about strutting down Nashville’s Broadway and feeling good after a fresh haircut until he noticed a homeless man being passed by.

  • Runtime: 34 minutes, 10 songs
  • Release Date:

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