al l bo Deep House The Heroes: Vocalist's Tool Edition

"Clouds Testers The Legendaries" label presented special "karaoke" version of the 5th volume of popular "The Heroes" compilation - "Deep House The Heroes: SuperHeroes", named "Vocalist's Tool Edition". "Deep House The Heroes: Vocalist's Tool Edition" presents 15 national "without vocals" CIS top-charts tracks of 2015-2016 including 100% club hits "Because I Love You" (feat. Wooshendoo) and "Love Affect" (feat. Soap Opera). "Vocalist's Tool Edition" residents are al | bo, The Soap Opera, Clouds Testers, Artful Fox, Wooshendoo, Alex Sail, Petr, Karcep, Tezo Gross, Evan-Site , DJ Kremer, Docwoo and DIMTA.
  • Producer: al l bo
  • Runtime: 76 minutes, 15 songs
  • Release Date: January 18, 2017