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Your Music Is Trending—Now What?

By Brendan Varan on

Take advantage of our custom Trending graphics to let your fans know your music is trending.

You’ve made the best song of your career. You’ve uploaded it to Audiomack. You’ve submitted it for trending and it makes it through.

Congratulations, your masterpiece is now gracing the Audiomack trending pages, where it reaches the eyes and hopefully the ears of millions of potential fans.

What now? Check your email.

Once a song or album makes it to Audiomack’s trending pages, any artist with an account on Audiomack receives an email notification with congratulations of their victory. Much more importantly, it will also include a custom, downloadable graphic featuring our official TRENDING tag, in addition to the song’s artist, name, and artwork, of course.

NOW SHARE IT! This is important, so pay attention:

  1. Save the image right to your device — phone, computer, tablet, ancient scrolls, whatever you use — and get the word out.
  2. Share it. Tweet it. Post it on IG (feed and story). Put it on your Facebook page. Throw it on LinkedIn to show your old boss you’re better off without them and your next boss that you’re obviously qualified for the job. Go back in time and post it on MySpace. Print it out and have mom hang it on the fridge. The choice is yours.
  3. Don’t forget the link to the song or album. We want the world to hear your music, that’s why it’s trending, so help us spread the word.

Here’s a beautiful example courtesty of Super Nike Nando:

You’ll only know if you’re trending if you have an account and share your music, so click this link to make that happen.

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