Watch Yaksta Spit an Exclusive Freestyle for ‘Bless The Yaad’

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Hailing from St. Mary Parish, the multi-hyphenate artist Yaksta (Bush Lawd) aims to inspire with his music. Rising to prominence with the release of his viral 2019 hit “Home,” Yaksta’s catalog is an exhibition of perseverance. He touches on themes like poverty, inequality, and social injustice (“Humans” and “Struggler”) while maintaining a sunny perspective and deep pride in Jamaica.

After a string of 2021 loosies, Yaksta showcases why he’s one of the vanguards of a new wave of reggae artists over TGUT’s glossy riddim for Bless The Yaad.

Shot by Sage English at the Reggae Legends Villa in Kingston, Bless The Yaad puts the poetic mastery of Caribbean talent, both established and on the rise, on the forefront.

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